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She was essential in popularizing the Hammond Organ.The (Young) Rascals were a seminal “Blue-Eyed Soul” group, but unlike their contemporaries, Felix led the band from his Hammond Organ.That Gregg leaned toward Jazz B-3 registration and licks in contrast with the stinging Rock and Blues of Duane and Dicky was a measure of his genius.Gregg also bucked the establishment by “fronting” the band from a Hammond.We think nothing today of outrageously dressed Guitar heroes, but in the 1940s it was the fabulous vision of Ethel Smith at the Hammond Organ that thrilled audiences on stage and screen with her over-thetop fashion and blistering technique at the keyboard.

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He’s been called the Father of Modern Soul Music, and did it all at the console of his Hammond Organ.

His own groups Trinity and Oblivion Express further showed the Hammond sound could be the core of a successful band.

For nearly 40 years, Eddie was the Hammond Organist at Yankee Stadium, and arguably set the standard for Sports Stadium Organ music.

He created a rainbow of “novelty” registrations for the Hammond and unique methods of creating sound effects with them.

His 27 albums were best-sellers from the 50s into the 70s and inspired many to add a Hammond to their household.

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